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GerDora-Blog-PhotoGerry and Dora Reflections Blog banner photoblack and white photo with yellow vintage car cruising down the road at Harpers Ferry Virginiasepia tone photo of little girl in colonial times attire at Claude Moore Farm VirginiaFlamboyan BloomFlamboyan Tree in BloomCherry Blossoms in the ParkUpperville ReposeSocksThe Men with the SocksTightropeBrownie CameraStop (1 of 1)art in the pink box posterart in the pink box poster aug 22 2015Art in Pink Box September FlyerArt in Pink Box October FlyerThanksgiving 2015Balch---Dora-5x7-Horizontal-Post-Card-FRONTBalch---Dora-5x7-Horizontal-Post-Card-BACK