GerDora Photography | South Korea Through the Lens of a Miguk

We proudly feature Gerry’s “South Korea Through the Lens of a Miguk” fine art photography collection. These images on canvas were on exhibit for three months at the historic Thomas Balch Library in Leesburg, Virginia between July and September, 2016 and are now for sale and ready to ship (they were 20"X30" and 16"X20" but other sizes are available). They may also be purchased as prints and other offered products. Read more about the exhibit and collection here. Click here for an accompanying guide giving some background information and indicating where each image was taken.
1-Guard With a View2-Peephole3-Drummer4-Huwon5-Blushing Bride6-One Perspective7-Basket Weaver8-Hyangwonjeong Pavilion Refection9-Palace Guard10-Infinite Walk11-For Whom the Bell Tolls12- Buddha's Birthday13-Serenity14-Double Wings15-Taking a Break16-Intersections17-Autumn in the Countryside18-Sewing Ladies19-Bongnaeeui Court Dancers