Gift Certificates


1) Are not redeemable for cash. 


2) Are not transferable and resale is prohibited. 


3) If a gift certificate is lost, stolen, destroyed, or used without permission, a replacement will not be provided in these circumstances. 


4) GerDora Photography will replace a valid lost gift certificate, provided the original gift certificate hasn't been redeemed and the replacement is issued to either the original purchaser or a verifiable recipient.


5) Any unused balance of the gift certificate will remain available until redeemed.


6) If a purchase exceeds the amount listed on the gift certificate, the redeemer is responsible for paying the difference at the time of purchase.


7) GerDora Photography reserves the right to immediately invalidate gift certificates, without notice, should it receive a credit card chargeback, returned check, or another form of repudiated payment made towards the gift certificate.