17.Deanna Pivoroff(non-registered)
Wow. What great work I hope to come to your next show.
16.Michael T. Manning(non-registered)
Gorgeous, Dora. A photog never can go wrong with a peacock.
15.Julianne McNulty(non-registered)
Great pictures. Will have to try to come to a show sometime!
14.anna Smallridge(non-registered)
Wonderful work!!! Great images !!!Thanks for sharing the beauty with us
13.Kelly JW(non-registered)
I enjoyed reading about the bacground of some of your lovely works.
12.Debbie Bowman(non-registered)
What talent you two have! The work is beautiful and you did a great job designing the website. Keep up the good work.
11.Sandra Watkins-Keough(non-registered)
Beauty resides in the eye of the beholder and yet somehow you managed to display it for all to see.

Thank you!
10.August Fraley(non-registered)
Congratulations to both of you......Dora, for the sale of one of your photographs; and Gerry for your "Second Place" finish at the Oatlands exhibit and Art Sale. Well done!
9.Kimberly D.(non-registered)
Beautiful work, as always! I can't wait to see more. Great job making it so accessible.
8.Sandra Taylor(non-registered)
Your photos are so beautiful, I had to go back again to view them. Awesome website...
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