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It’s Not the Camera!

September 13, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Black and White Brownie CameraBrownie Camera ~ Dora

It is common for people to look at a beautiful fine art photograph, or any other type of outstanding image, and ask the photographer: “What kind of camera do you have?” This question suggests the idea that if you have a high-end “expensive” camera you are guaranteed to get good pictures. Nothing is so far from the truth!

A professional camera in the hands of a casual photographer does not make masterpieces automatically while a “good” photographer can take impressive shots with a simple point and shoot, an entry-level camera, or even a vintage film one like my father's Baby Brownie pictured above. There is so much more behind a fine art photograph than the paper it is printed on. The type of camera used is to a great extent irrelevant. It takes years of experience, learning, experimentation, and dedication to turn what could be a snapshot into a fine art image that is just right




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