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What Picasso Knew...

June 28, 2014  •  1 Comment

Many have quoted Pablo Picasso as saying “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” What Picasso might have inferred from his own experiences, has been validated by scientific research linking art and the positive impact art has in people’s lives. Participating in any form of artistic endeavor—be it dance, drawing, painting, music, sculpture, theater, and the like, as well as being exposed to art in one’s environment—has been connected to the reduction of stress and an overall improvement in people’s quality of life.

It is no coincidence that health care facilities recognize the benefits for patients, family members, and staff alike to be surrounded by beautiful pieces of art and incorporate them into their spaces.

GerDora Photography is honored that a local health and rehab facility has acquired two of its fine art photographs to be permanently displayed in their staff’s offices.  We are also grateful that this facility chose to adorn its walls with works from local artists, including ours. A quick look at the pieces from fellow artists makes us believe that the people walking the hallways are going to feel as though they are in an art museum.

The two chosen GerDora Photography 20" x 30" fine art images “Cherry Blossoms in the Park” and “Upperville Repose” bring nature inside the Sterling, Virginia brand new state-of-the-art facility. Without being pretentious, we hope that those who view our pieces will be able to wash from their soul—even for a moment—the “dust of everyday life.”

Fine art color image "Cherry Blossoms in the Park" trees and sky reflecting in the water Cherry Blossoms in the Park ~ Gerry



fine art color image "Upperville Repose" with trees along brookUpperville Repose ~ Dora

El objeto del arte es quitar el polvo a la vida diaria de nuestras  almas.” ~ Pablo Picasso


In this day and age there is much dust on the soul. Every day life takes us away from the spiritual, distracting us with deadlines, requirements, and a false sense of urgency. These images are reminiscent of what is lasting; the tranquility of simply being, the wonder of this world we live in, and the need for reconnecting with the soul.

The hospital is a perfect place to deliver such a reminder.
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