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GerDora Photography: Who We Are

June 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

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GerDora Photography comes from the merging of our first names—Gerry and Dora—because, in addition to being a married couple that shares the interest in fine art photography, we also truly work as a team.

We typically go out on our shoots together and are constantly interacting on what we each “see” as a good photo op. We point out subjects that peek our interest somewhat as a film director would do and are influenced by each other, but ultimately, we go “on our own together” and do our thing. This is where our unique points of view kick in. It is always fun to come back from the field and discover what each “saw.”

Our team effort is also reflected in the processing of the fine art images since we heavily rely on each other in getting ideas, critiquing, and validating our individual artistic vision.

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Guess who took which...

black and white fine art photograph of yellow vintage car cruising down the road at Harpers Ferry Virginia"Cruising" sepia tone fine art photograph of little girl in colonial attire at Claude Moore Farm Virginia"Colonial Times"



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