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Flamboyan Bloom

June 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Fine Art Image of a Flamboyan Bloom or Royal Poinciana BloomFlamboyan Bloom ~ Dora

Color photo of a Flamboyan Royal Poinsiana tree in bloomFlamboyan Tree in Bloom

The flamboyán has been my mother’s favorite tree and an oil painting featuring a beautiful one still adorns her living room. Puerto Rico is painted orange red during the summer months when the flamboyán trees are in full bloom everywhere and it is a sight to behold.  So, I felt right at home when we spent some time in the Florida Keys and saw the flamboyán trees, also known as Royal Poinciana. The general appeal of the trees is their massive bright colors but, for some reason, I had never noticed how interesting the individual blooms were until I looked at it through my camera lens. The bloom was sitting there on top of a restaurant cement fence. I loved the way the light was hitting the flower and how the color was reflected on the cement surface. It is one of my favorite images. I realize that many people are not familiar with tropical flora and some have had difficulty figuring out what flower this is. I hope that you are able to appreciate the beauty of this simple blossom.   

Cheers, Dora


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